Poetry Slam


On Friday Sebastian and me had a little adventure in the city. We went to a Poetry Slam event but let’s start before that. In the afternoon we got on the train with our skateboards. Our aim was to skate to an antiques shop, then to the book store and finally to the location of the Poetry Slam.

I really enjoyed skating in the late afternoon and as we arrived at the antiques shop, we looked at some cameras and Sebastian bought some really cool vintage car signs. There’s something magical about old things which I discovered over the past year and the thought about having an antique camera with an old leather bag is just so cool. I might should get one before the next travel to another country.

We had to skate quite fast to the book store to be in time, and I think I never got that fast from A to B. As we finally arrived, I bought my wanted book and we got something to eat before heading to the location of the Poetry Slam. Thanks to a friend of Sebastian we got an awesome seat there and while we were waiting for the event to start we took some pictures. I discovered some new features on the camera and it is so fun!

There were more and more people coming into the building and there wasn’t any place left really fast. We both had a grin on our faces because we had definitely the best seat.The Slam wasn’t that good as in November, but we enjoyed it anyway, there were some new artists and I enjoyed it listening to their creations – If you don’t know Poetry Slam, have a look around your area, I’m sure there are events like that!



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