MUN – Model United Nations

MUN Grimassen

Model United Nations or in short MUN is an event which I attended this week on Monday and Tuesday.
The whole thing about it is that you play a role play. You and a friend represent a delegation, in my case it was Indonesia. In this delegation you had to find solutions about problems in our world – just like the UNO in real life. Our theme was the FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization. In my opinion a complicated theme because it’s quite difficult to combine all wishes of different states into a solution. An example was that you couldn’t tell people to minimize their CO₂ output; if you did, they wouldn’t have agreed to the resolution.

I’ve already been there last year but I have to tell you this year was insane! I really enjoyed these two days, made new friends and learned a lot about diplomatic themes.
Monday started really nice because Sebastian brought me to the University building because he had a day at Novartis where he did some DNA things and the MUN was on his way. He’ll might tell you more about that on his blog “Own Movement Everywhere”. But if we’re talking about the topic of cute boyfriends I’ll continue a bit, we also met on Tuesday where he came from school to see me. It’s nice to be surprised 😀 But back to the MUN.

I liked those two days and my joy was also reflected by the work Daniel and I did. On Monday we were the only ones who brought their computers to the Opening Speeches and our FAO Chair thought we weren’t seriously doing our work and gaming. But we quite impressed him when he asked us about a specific country’s problem (in this case Argentina) and we told all the facts about that country. Okay, sometimes we were gaming a bit as you can see on the picture, but we were serious anyway. Later that day we had some discussions within the delegations and began to form coalitions. After we went home on Monday we did some research about the Asian countries and their problems. We tried to explain those to those delegations and our ideas for some solutions on Tuesday and I was really happy when they agreed with us. So we were able to write resolutions and towards the end we had to change them a bit for several countries, otherwise they wouldn’t have agreed with the resolution.
We were quite proud that we worked that much on this resolution.

We had a closing ceremony in the end where two or three from a group (there were four groups with our FAO group) told us what they were doing these two days. In the end it was our group who presented their work and our Chair announced two winner delegations. One was for the best Position Paper which the Delegation of Germany won and the second one for the best delegation. My friend and me were really surprised when he announced that the Delegation of Indonesia had won the prize. We thought that there would be a run between our delegation and the one from Argentina but the FAO Chair said that the winner delegation won with a huge gap to the others – YAY!

I can really recommend events like this. It might be possible that you’re thinking what a weird person I am but I don’t care about that (if you told me events like this are cool a year before I wouldn’t have believed you).

Oh and if you think that Sebastian is on the picture, you’re wrong. It’s his twin brother Daniel.



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