He’s My Gentleman


Pheew, that was a weekend! A bit a stressful weekend, but a wonderful one. So let me tell you what I did on Saturday. And what I did on Sunday will follow soon.
In the afternoon I was invited to the church by Sebastian and Daniel because they had their confirmation. It was quite interesting but there were so many people who had their confirmation too, so the whole ceremony took like two hours I guess.

Afterwards we went to a restaurant and had a nice diner. But before that it was time for presents and Sebastian got a new camera, a Nikon D7000. It was so cute to see his joy. While he and his brother were opening the presents we had some little snacks.
Then we went into the dining room and sat on our places. And I can tell you: The whole meal was so delicious and I really enjoyed it that I could talk with the people around the table while we had a break between the meals.

Oh and I forgot to mention that we all dressed up nicely. That means: The guys had a suit on – Yay!
And I was able to wear a dress and I picked a white one with some colourful flowers in hope that spring will arrive soon.



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