Poseidon, my self built boat


Hey there!
I haven’t been posting that much recently because I was working on my boat. Seems a bit weird telling you about this and I have thought about telling it you several times. But now I came to the conclusion that I’m going to share this experience with you!

But firstly: Why would I build a boat? In my school you have to do a project named “Maturarbeit” a year before our graduation. I thought a long time about the topic of my project and I decided to build a boat because I love sailing, canoeing and kayaking. And here is the result after some months of working!
We went to the lake on Sunday to test if the boat really swims and to check how fast it is. And before I went for a paddle, I named the boat “Poseidon”, the god of the sea. But I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves and I might tell you more about this project later!

By the way, the boat on the first picture is the one I built, the boat on the last picture is a canoe which we own since 16 years.



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