Prague Castle – Pražský hrad


Another sunny day in Prague. Today I was at the castle of Prague with my family and went there with the metro. The castle was impressive – Every time when I see such a huge ancient building I have to think back to the time when the people built it, without modern machines! As we walked around in this area I was able to catch a stunning view of the city. I could be a bit jealous of the President who lives here, but if I think about his work I’m glad to be a student! 🙂

Oh, and as you can see on the first picture, I totally fell in love with the ancient trams. I love their design and the colours. It’s quite stunning seeing them rolling through the city and imagining that it was the same a long time ago.

On the last picture you can see some beautiful details of a building near the Prague Castle. The ornaments have a new design to me and I think they are quite inspiring.

This city has many things to discover and I’m constantly taking pictures. You should have seen me today, I had two cameras around my neck and another camera in my pocket – Two analogue cameras of course 😉



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