Národní Muzeum Praha


Originally we planned to go to the National Museum today but unfortunately the museum was closed for reconstruction. Therefore I had to change the plans…

In the morning we went to the shopping street where the expensive shops were. I nearly freaked out when I saw the Tiffany Store – I mean every woman would freak out 😉 My mum and me went into some more stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Burberry. I saw a really nice spring coat there, I wish I had a pretty coat like this. Oh no, I wish I could shop in shops like this always 😀

After that we went to the Spanish Synagogue where a memorial for Franz Kafka is. And in this area there were some more synagogues because it was the district of the jews. It’s stunning, how many buildings remained until today.

We went to the National Museum anyway, just to see the beautiful building and it’s really a pity that we couldn’t go in there (but that’s a reason to visit Prague again). As we walked down the street I saw a delicious cake at Paul’s.

In the evening we went to a superb stake restaurant. The location was really cool, like in an underground wine cellar. Despite the fact that I don’t really like meat I loved the meal there! And the spaghetti was delicious – I love this restaurant!



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