Finally I got good internet to post some new photos. I’m currently in Rotterdam and because I had a really bad internet connection in Amsterdam I wasn’t able to post a single picture. But now to the main topic.

Three days ago I was at the Keukenhof with my family. The Keukenhof is a park with a lot of tulips. When I say a lot, I mean a huuuuuge amount. I was told that there are around 7 millions of flowers planted in the ground. It was absolutely stunning to see the colour variations. Also the different types of flowers were uncountable. There are over 800 different kinds of tulips on this earth!
There was a short history about the tulips and it is told, that they were imported from Turkey. The tulips are named after the word “turban”. And did you know that the tulips were responsible for the first economic crisis?

As I looked at all the pictures I took at the end of the day I was blown away: Over 300 different pictures… I think I got a bit obsessed with the flowers. But I mean which woman doesn’t? 😉 My parents were also a bit obsessed and bought some flowers to plant for next year.



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