We spent two nights at Amsterdam to explore this huge city with all its canals and cute bridges.

Our adventure started with crossing the ocean. Sounds quite adventurous, isn’t it? But it was only a ten minute trip because our hotel was in the north of Amsterdam. After arriving in the center my first impression was: Woaaah, so many bikes! I’ve never seen a city with so many bikes before. I fell in love with all those cute bicycles and it reminded me that I wanted to get a retro racing bicycle.

As we were following all those canals, I saw Scotch & Soda, an Amsterdam based street style shop. Their clothes are really cool and have their own unique style. Unfortunately it’s a bit pricy but that didn’t stop me from going into the shop and finding some new pieces for my wish list. After a short walk I discovered the floating flower market. You can get load of tulips there and also different flowers such as roses or daisies.

Another destination was the “I Amsterdam” sign which is very well-known. Tourists like to take pictures with all those letters and because this sign was in front of the opera, I saw a ballerina posing with the “d” sign as well. Not far away was the Waterlooplein market. They sell antique things there as well as newer things. I absolutely fell in love with those beautiful Bianchi bikes (jep, I’m a huge bike lover) and if I don’t find a cute bike here I’ll get mine there 😉 Unfortunately there weren’t nice cameras which was my plan to get there.

After that we went to China Town which was tiny compared to the one in London. I have to say that I have to recommend walking around the not so central places. Amsterdam is good for shopping (Scotch & Soda, Abercrombie, H&M, COS and different other famous stores). But Amsterdam does not have so many things to see as Prague for example. If you want to explore more, follow me around the Netherlands, the next posts will be about the beach and Rotterdam.



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