The Beach


I just don’t know how to describe this feeling in words. I just love the ocean, I always get the impression that I’m free, that I can be everywhere.

That I can be me.

We were just two hours at this beach between Amsterdam and Rotterdam but it was enough to get me to fall more in love to that scenery. I don’t know what your feelings are when you get to a lake or even the ocean. In my case I have a connection to the water. Since I’m a small girl I would always be in a canoe or a sailing boat. Some of my first memories were when I my parents had a house near the ocean somewhere in Asia. The funny fact about the whole thing is, is that I’m not the best swimmer. But since I’m a sailor, it’s important to be on the boat, not in the water, isn’t it? 😉

I just wish that I can go to the ocean as soon as possible (Hi Lisbon). A crazy idea of mine is to travel to Australia and Hawaii after I graduated school to learn surfing. Let’s see where the wind will bring me to 🙂



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