Arrival In Portugal


WOOOOW, how the time flies by! Three weeks ago I went on my Matura Trip with my class. It sounds really mature but the feeling is weird. You know that it’s the last time you’ll be travelling with your whole class.

Our trip started early in the morning at 9 o’clock when we met at the airport. But as I have a super sweet boyfriend my day started a bit earlier: We decided to go to the city and to enjoy a Starbucks drink. I think it’s the most beautiful thing on earth when you can take some time with a beloved person and talk. Then he came with me to the airport and gave me a letter and a super cute goodbye kiss.

Firstly I didn’t really want to go on the plane because I thought it would suck to fly without my boyfriend who is my best friend at the same time… So I decided to take out my Beats and to listen to the music. But I realised really quickly that it was going to be an incredible week for us both and that is was good to have some time with our classes. And as we were going to be in the same time zone (me in Lisbon and he in Dublin) it made it a bit easier to have some WhatsApp conversations in the morning and evening.

As our airplane got nearer to Lisbon I could feel my whole body being under adrenaline. The landing was STUNNING because we saw the ocean and the city at once. After the arrival we were welcomed with really warm summer weather and as we arrived at our apartments I quickly changed my long trousers into shorts.

The program for the first day was to explore the city and me and a group of friends walked into the direction of the ocean. We went to a bakery and I ordered the first best thing because I couldn’t read portuguese. But the bready thing I took was delicious! I think there was meat inside of it but I’m not that sure. After our short beach trip we went to the supermarket Pingo Doce to get some stuff for cooking that evening.


After diner we went to the beach to watch the sunset and it was so beautiful. I had a nice chat with my friend and when we were back in our apartments we met on the rooftop and let the day end whilst we had a glass of wine a romantic view of the city.



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