In the morning there was a bus which picked us up and drove us through the city of Lisbon. After we crossed the Vasco da Gama bridge, the landscape started to change – bye city, hi countryside! The environment was so perfect because it just felt like summer which I absolutely adored! It’s something about the sun and the people, everything seemed chilled and inspired. Our first stop was at the village Setubal which I’ve only known because of their football team (haha, and I’m not even into that). We stayed there like twenty minutes but I explored the streets with two friends and I took a lovely Polaroid of a street art piece. With the car we went to the first wine-tasting and there was a really beautiful garden, I just felt like a princess. The wine they had was really sweet and we learned how to recognise if the wine is good or not. Our next stop was Sesimbra with their stunning beach. We were bathing the whole time and collecting shells. With Aeneas and Daniel we went to a pier thing and looked at the crabs. And click, one more Polaroid of us in front of the ocean – I love capturing moments with my Polaroid. At the second wine-degustation there was also an art collection with art nouveau and african art. They had a huge wine cave and all the different wine casks were interesting because each one was used for a different wine.
We had diner with the whole class and after that I went with two friends to an Irish Pub where we had a drink and enjoyed the lovely evening.



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