Expo Lisbon


Today we initially wanted to get a city tour but somehow our guide didn’t show up. In that short time we had to change our program completely and we decided to go to a place where we wanted to go at another day of the week. So we went onto the underground and then changed to a hot and sticky bus which was full of locals. At the Oceanario we got off the bus and we were welcomed by a huge building. Besides the building there was a small forest like garden where several water games were built. It was really funny to use them and I felt like a little child.

At another side of the garden there was a waterfall and I took a cheeky little Polaroid of the boys. We continued to walk on the seaside and at one point we were able to walk on a pier while there were cable cars above us. The next stop was in front of the Vasco da Gama shopping center and on the way to there I saw an awesome building with a cool mirror like wall. Because we got hungry we looked for a typical portuguese restaurant to try the famous Bacalhau. We ended at the Restaurant D’Bacalhau which I can really recommend you. I was quite curious what this Expo zone had to discover, so I went with two of my friends in direction of the Vasco da Gama bridge. I was absolutely worth it – a cool building and some good pictures were the result. Before we went home we did some clothes shopping and food shopping for our diner.

Back at home we cooked ourselves a yummy meal and I just love the feeling when you can spend the whole day with the same people and have interesting conversations.




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