Do What You Love


Have you ever caught yourself thinking: “Oh her life is so amazing, why can’t I have this too?”

I have to admit that I’ve been often in situations like these. You just love what others do and hate the thing you do. As I thought about this I told myself that I should stop it. Why should I put myself down if I don’t really try out the things I’d like to do? In my case I took a paintbrush one afternoon and practised what I’ve seen on Instagram accounts I love. I saw that this time was relaxing for me and I gained self-confidence because I knew nobody was going to judge me about that. So I’d really love to show you my progress I did until today.

In my opinion this quote chose to write has a deep meaning. You’re only once on this earth and why shouldn’t you do the thing you’d love to? Want to become a singer? Do it! Want to be a cycling champion? Go for it! I mean there are always deadlines at school for papers you have to hand in but really, enjoy your time in between that.

Doing the thing you love will encourage you to do more and to become the person you want to be.



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