Italian Bruschetta


An absolute favourite for me is bruschetta in summer. Especially this year because it reminds me on the coming trip with Sebastian to Venice 🙂 I kind of fell in love with Italy because about one week ago I saw the movie “Letters to Juliet” and I adored the italian feeling. So I decided to make some bruschetta for my family and here is the recipe!

Ingredients for 16 pieces:

4 Tomatoes

10 Big leaves of basil

Pepper, Salt and Sugar

16 Slices of a baguette

5 Tsp of olive oil


1. Prepare you tomatoes by slicing them into small squares and put them into a bowl. After a short time you’ll notice that there is some juice – pour that away.

2. Cut your basil leaves into small squares and add them to the tomatoes.

3. Spice your tomato and basil mixture with pepper, salt and sugar and stir you mixture. Pay attention to the taste – Your tongue is your friend!

4. Heat up your oven to 80 degrees.

5. Prepare your bread slices and place them onto a baking tray. Pour a bit olive oil over all the bread slices. If this is done, bake them in the oven for about 6 minutes. Your bread should get a bit crusty when you take them out of the oven.

6. Now you can place your tomatoes with a spoon onto the bread and add some balsamic vinegar. If it’s possible you can get the creamy one so in won’t run off your bruschetta.

7. Now you’re finished! Serve your bruschetta on a nice plate and add some fresh basil on the top to get an eye-catcher.




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