Camping And Adventures


Are you an adventurer like me? Well if you aren’t, I recommend you to change up your mind and keep on reading (and you adventurers out there keep on reading was well)!

It might take some courage to pack your backpack with clothes for a week and a tent. In my case it’s always like this. You know that there’ll be a week with limited internet access, no luxury and just simple living. I’ve been camping that often until now that I really enjoy it – The only thing that sucks in my case is that I won’t see my boyfriend for one week, but I hope that we’ll go on a road trip in the future 🙂

So and now to you beautiful people out there, you’re asking yourself: Why the hell should I freeze off my a** for a whole week in a tent?!

My answer is: To find yourself and to know what you have. And don’t forget about all the treasures which nature has hidden for us. In my opinion limited internet access is pretty okay because you won’t compare yourself to others for example when you’re scrolling down your Instagram feed. When you live with an open heart you’ll see many new flowers for example and I’m sure now many people are able to do that – So go for it! You’ll be able to find your own personality and it’s good to learn new sides of you and to strengthen some. It will help you to focus on your goals.

So let me give you an example: We were camping in the mountains and because of the bad weather we decided to go to another place. Because a friend came with us I had to travel by train. I said I would go home and make a bike trip the next day. To be honest with you I hoped it would rain to have a good excuse to stay at home with internet access. Luckily the weather was really good so I had to do the bike trip. A bike trip about 90 km and that twice! After the fist trip I have to say I was really proud of myself and I knew that not everyone was able to do that – I found one of my strengths. And I was blown away when I saw my time for the trip back home – 4,8h! That’s so insane!

So I’d really like to push you people out there to get our of your comfort zone and to challenge yourself! And don’t forget to look through some of the pictures I made while camping 🙂 And a small update: I’ll go to France soon and unfortunately I somehow lost my charger for the camera – but I found a solution which I’ll try as an experience. I’ll take my analogue cameras with my and only my old digital camera. I’m quite interested how this turns out and I hole the results will be nice – so stay tuned for that (although it takes some time to develop the films 😉 )!






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