Chocolate Bananas


An absolute favourite of mine is making chocolate bananas while we’re camping. It’s also a childhood memory of mine because it reminds me of the sunny afternoons where we made a school trip into the forest. I’m sure that your guests will love this dessert and it’s perfect to make when your campfire is slowly burning down and you have a talk with the people around you. Another plus is that it’s super simple to make.

What you’ll need for six servings

6 Ripe Bananas

200g Chocolate

1. Cut a line into you bananas but pay attention that you don’t cut through them.

2. Break the chocolate into pieces and place them into the banana. It depends how many pieces of chocolate can take place. Otherwise you’ll have some chocolate left for you 🙂

3. Now put the chocolate bananas onto the campfire (but there shouldn’t be actual fire, only some wood which is left glowing red) and wait until the chocolate is melted.

4. Take you bananas out of the campfire and scoop them out with a spoon!




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