I Want More S’mores!


Something I’ve discovered recently are S’mores. They are a typical american dessert made of crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. While we were camping I took the opportunity to try they them out and I was blown away. I know some of you might don’t like the consistency of marshmallows but in my opinion this disappears if you make S’mores. It’s also perfect to take with you while you’re hiking because it doesn’t take much space. 

What you’ll need for 10 S’mores

  • 10 Marshmallows
  • 20 small chocolate pieces
  • 20 crackers

1. First you have to prepare a branch by shaving off the top until it’s pointed. You’ll use this branch to BBQ your marshmallow.

2. Prepare your crackers by placing two pieces of chocolate on it and you can put them near the fire to let the chocolate melt a bit.

3. BBQ your marshmallow until it’s a bit brown and crispy outside and melted on the inside.

4. Take your marshmallow and place it on the cracker with the chocolate. Then add another cracker on the top and voilà, you’re finished!





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