Ice Cream And Sweets In Venice


Holidays without sweets wouldn’t be holidays, isn’t it? 😉 If you’re travelling to a new place I like to treat myself and as Italy is famous for their ice cream. I went on the look for cool stores… And I found them! After I ate this yummy ice cream I really wanted to make some myself, especially the Fior di Latte flavour because I don’t often get to eat them in Switzerland. Enough talking – here are the sweetest stores of Venice!



Suso seems like the classic gelateria – a small shop with a huge amount of different ice cream flavours which taste delicious. I’ll always remember this cute shop because it was really hot when we wanted to get ice cream and as we got it, the rain suddenly poured down 😉 Suso sources the best ingredients, offer natural products and they aren’t using artificial colourants which is a big plus.

Suso, Calle della Bissa, San Marco 5464, Venezia, Homepage:





When I discovered Stickhouse I became a little girl again! You can design an ice cream yourself! You have the choice between a huge amount of ice cream bases; these are flavours such as Fior die Latte (basic) or even sorbets. Then you have to decide between three different kinds of chocolate and to top it all you can add a topping such as chopped hazelnuts of coco powder. They also have some creations you can buy straight away but I prefer creating my gelato myself 😉

Stickhouse, Sestiere San Polo 1700, Venezia, Homepage:




Q Food & More

Mhhm, cupcakes, cookies and cheesecake! Those delicious sweets are offered in Q Food & More. Their shop window is really cute – filled with donuts and cupcakes. I ate a donut there and Sebastian took a cheesecake. They also offer a selection of focaccia, potato chips and sandwiches. When we bought our sweets from there we got a coupon for the next purchase, you might get one as well. Unfortunately this is the only cupcake shop I discovered in Venice. If you know more, please let me know!

Q Food & More, Calle della Bissa, San Marco 5464, Venezia, Homepage:




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