Fig Porridge


After a couple of afternoons where the sun disappeared and there was only rain, rain and guess what: rain. That’s when I realised that it’s autumn, but don’t be afraid, the rest of my Venice posts are still coming up. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day I decided to give healthy porridge a try. And to spice it up I used fresh fruits (healthy again 😉 ). It’s super simple to make it for yourself and takes only ten minutes. This recipe is made for two portions – Invite someone to join you on your healthy journey! 


1. Mix your rolled oats and milk in a pot and cook in on low temperature for 10 minutes. Don’t forget so stir it! Otherwise you porridge will stick at the bottom of your pan.

2. While you porridge is cooking you can cut up your fig.

3. Put you porridge into a bowl, put some honey over it and sprinkle the almonds and linseeds over it. Then add your fig and enjoy your delicious breakfast!




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