Two Places To Stop For Pizza In Venice


So what would you want more than ice cream, pizza and pasta in Italy? In my case I just love to discover new places and the most important point: I want to eat the best pizza! Venice has two treasures to discover, one place is a take away and the other a cute little restaurant. 

Pizzeria Cip Ciap

This pizzeria near the Rialto bridge ist perfect for a take away and has various of pizzas to offer. They present the colourful range of pizzas in their shop window and you can decide how much pizza you’d like to eat. They’ll cut it for you and warm in up in the oven. I had the pizza with various vegetables on the top and Sebastian took a classic one with cheese and tomatoes. The pizzas tasted delicious and you saw that the ingredients were freshly prepared. The pricing is good as well, you’ll pay about 1,5 euro for 100g.

Pizzeria Cip Ciap, Calle del Mondo Novo 5799/AVenezia




This restaurant was a short walk away from our hotel (Gabrielli Sandwirth) and therefore a good place to have our lunch. I really enjoyed the modern interior and the bar like place where they displayed their salads. We just had a usual pizza and it tasted amazing – I think they used buffalo mozzarella so it’s worth trying this on a pizza at home. In my opinion I didn’t really like the staff, but the pizza was still delicious.

Aciugheta, Castello 4357Venezia





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