DIY Advent Calendar


One of the sweetest things to do in December is to make an advent calendar for your loved ones. Sometimes it can be hard to come with new ideas every year so I decided to make a reusable calendar. I often struggle where I should begin so here’s an idea for you.

What you will need:

  • a sewing machine
  • 150 x 60 cm cloth (I bought mine from Ikea)
  • 15 m gift ribbon
  • 25 small gifts
  • craft paper
  • a black pen
  • scissors
  • decorations such as fir branches and christmas bulbs

Turn your cloth around and fold it in half and mark rectangles with the measurements of 10,5 to 16 cm. Secure the edges of the rectangles with safety pins. Now you can sew both long sides: leave a margin of about 0,6 cm. Your small bag should have one open side. Now you can turn it around and if you want you can iron it.
Now you’re about to fill you advent calendar. I bought some big packs of sweets to divide them into the bags. But also small handcreams or a travel size shampoo are very useful. If you want to surprise your sister of girlfriend your could also put a lipsitck in it. A option for children is to buy a set of Lego and divide them into several bags. I made three advent calendars and the filling for each person was about 20 bucks.

Now you can draw small numbers onto your craft paper and cut them out. Make a little hole on the top – that’s where you can attach it to the gift ribbon. Tie your gift ribbon aroud your bag and make a pretty looking bow. Now measure how long this ribbon is and cut 25 pieces of the same lenght. You can push some fir branches into the ribbon as decoration.

You can decide if you’d like to hang up your calendar or lie it onto a table. It will be a lovely advent gift for sure!



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