My Birthday Wishlist


If I had to choose my favourite day of the year it would probably be my birthday. I love seeing my entire family this day and preparing cakes and other sweets to eat. Having birthday about two weeks after Christmas isn’t that bad – the people are already settling into the new year and there are a lot of sales which means I can get my birthday wishes for less money. I haven’t had a Christmas wishlist last year so now I’m showing you little bits and pieces I’ve discovered in the last months which I’d love to own.

    1. I love to paint and I’d like to learn calligraphy with a brush. I’ve always used the watercolour in my painting pots but you should see how much paint I’ve only used for calligraphy! Recently I’ve discoverd liquid watercolour from Ecoline. I already own a black one so more colours would be amazing to work with!


    1. In December I had a Kiehl’s Advent Calendar and there I discovered Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about this. I have to admit, it’s pretty good.


    1. For my birthday last year I got a susbscription to one of my favourite authors. This year I’d love to continue reading the Donna Hay Magazine. Awesome photography and awesome recipes!


    1. I own a small Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and I have a few original Polaroids in my camera collection. I’ve thought a long time about this upgrade because I already had my Mini 8. This summer while travelling through China I wish I had a Fujifilm Instax 210 to caputure the stunning scenery.


    1. Something you can never get enough are notebooks. I always was the person who wouldn’t start a notebook because I was afraid of ruining it. Within the last two years I’ve learned to note all my ideas. I stumbled over these pretty notebooks from Rifle Paper.


    1. Since discovering calligraphy I wanted an easier method than paint and brush. While reading and watching tutorials with pens, I noticed that the Copic Sketch and Tombow Dual Brush Pen are really popular. I got a black Tombow pen and instantly fell in love with it. I’m about to collect more colourful pens to do awesome artwork.


    1. I’ve followed Estée Lalonde for a few years now and she’s such an inspiration! Recently she mentioned the Chanel lipstick in BOY – a stunning daytime colour in my opinion. It’s such a classic colour and it will complement each skin tone!


  1. While in Stuttgart I visited the Fluxus Temporary Concept Mall. So many inspiring stores gathered in one place, you coudn’t ask for more! In one of the tiny stores I saw the Recipe Box from Rifle Paper. As you know, I want to discover and create some new healthy recipes this year and this would be an awesome helper for me!



4 thoughts on “My Birthday Wishlist

  1. Madara Strauta says:

    Hello, Laura! 🙂 For me it was the same with notebooks, I still have some notebooks that are beautiful from the outside, but nothing within, because nothing was worth enough to be written in those pretty covers. 😀 I also have a lot of notebooks with only few entries.. Because I start to write something “Wow” but don’t have the patience or will to keep it up. 😉 That’s why now I try not to be notebooks (even if they are reaaaly cute!) if I have nothing to write in them. 😉


    • itslauralou says:

      I think you have a lot which is worth writing into a notebook! When I started writing into notebooks it was a lot easier for me to write into a notebook which I crafted because I thought I didn’t use a lot of money to buy it. Another option is to set yourself some tasks such as drawing houses you see in the town or people sitting in the train 🙂

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