24 Hours in Milan


Are you also planning ahead for awesome adventures this year? Sometimes adventure isn’t that far away as you may think. I’ve never realised how lucky I was to live in the middle of Europe. People all over the world travel to Europe to see this huge variety of culture we have in such a small spot. Compared to other continents our countries are really tiny.

An all time favourite for weekend trips is definetly Milan. Delicious food, stunning architecture, warm sunshine and several shopping opportunities Β – a woman couldn’t ask for more! Sure, for some relaxing time I love to go to forests and lakes, but let’s be honest, everyone needs some hard core shopping some times πŸ˜‰ When you’re shopping and sightseeing you will get hungry at one point. Milan has so many restaurants and I’d like to show you three of my gems, one for brunch, a place for an afternoon dessert and somewhere to eat a delicious dinner.



Literally love at first sight! I love well designed places and BotegaΒ is definetly one. And if there is delicous food, I can’t resist anymore. Botega has a huge selection of pasteries. Just looking at the display lets you mouth water. You can really see how they made everything with love. Definetly try their delicious fruit juices, they’re so refreshing on a spring morning.



Cioccolatitaliani is a place to stop when you love everything sugary. A wide variation from hot chocolates so stunning dessert plates – They have everything you could wish for. This place is really popular, so if you want to get something more than ice cream be sure to keep looking for a seat!



After all the ice creams you had during the day you should definetly stop at Temakinho. Some people might yell at me for not eating something Italian but they have really delicious sushi. I ordered various sushis and they were all so delicious (I want some right now). I love that the restaurant is Japanese and Brasilian inspired Β – so special! Their drinks are good as well, a perfect way to end your day!


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