My Week 25/16: Art Basel, Last Exams

Long time no see! Wow, University has been so intense after the last few months! I have one exam left an then it’s time for summer – YAY!

I’d like to introduce a new category to my blog called “My Week”. I was thinking about how to remember all the awesome things I experience and since I’m not the person to write an everyday diary and since I love to take pictures I thought this would be the best way to do it. I’m still experimenting so let’s see if I can continue with this!

What was on my desk: Since I’m approaching my last exams I didn’t see anything else than my desk for a month, I decided to go to Art Basel with a friend. The exhibition was huge! I took loads of pictures and last week I went through them all to pick out my favourites.

What I ate: A lot of burgers! I think I had enough burgers for my lifetime. But if you’re watching the Euro 2016 I can’t think of a meal which fits better. I had a blast with my friends watching the Germany match last week. Unfortunately Switzerland lost yesterday but now I still have Germany to go for.

What is planned: I have my last exam next week. After that I’m preparing my summer break. I still have some DIY’s to finish so I’d like to catch up on that.

Discovery of the week: Looking back I realise I was listening to the same music over and over. A friend of mine showed me this song last week and I’m kind of obsessed with it. I might have to create a summer playlist.


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