Motivational Books for 2016


Everyone is so enthusiastic when a new year begins and they create lists of plans they want to do. This counts for me as well. But sadly the plans fade by the end of January because the daily life has us in it’s hands.

This year I don’t want this happen to me! A lot of people think new year, new chance. But what about new month, new chance or even new day, new chance? I’m a huge book lover and lately I’ve been reading some really inspirational books. One thing I’ve learnt: You can’t change things from one day to another.

The wish of change can’t be fulfilled by only wanting it. You have to dig deeper. Why do you want it? Which benefits does it bring? How will it influence your daily life positively?

Here are some books I can really recommend:


  1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. This book was mentioned by so many Youtubers and Bloggers in 2015. In the beginning I wondered if the book really was worth the hype. Finally, in December I decided that I wanted to read the book and I have to admit, it’s pretty good. Marie Kondo wrote the book in a way that you want to start tidying. While I was reading, there were so many passages where I though this was so true. In this book you’re confronted with the real origin of questions while you’re tidying – incredible! I’ve already wrote down a date when I’m starting to tidying with the KonMari method.
  2. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. A precious treasure which shows you the things which make us happy in the everyday life. I’ve read this book last summer but somehow I lost track in the last few chapters. But since it’s a new year it’s a perfect opportunity to start reading this book because the chapters are divided into months. Gretchen Rubin shares her struggles and shows a human side, you can really relate to her. I think the division into months is great, every month you have a new chance and you’re constantly doing something for your happiness.
  3. Die Kunst, ein kreatives Leben zu führen by Frank Berzbach. Unfortunately, only a book in German but to you German speaking readers out there: It’s a real gem! This book is perfect for times when you fell sad and got the feeling that you can’t accomplish anything. Let’s be real – we all have those days. The good thing about this book is that you can read small chapters for a motivation boost.
  4. Living Well One Line a Day by Chronicle Books. I’ve received this lovely book on Christmas 2014 and I was so pumped to start writing in this book. Unfortunately, it only lasted for two weeks. But reading through the things I wrote down last year really motivated me to start again. Don’t give yourself the pressure to fill in every day. I think this book is especially interesting in your early 20’s – it’s the time when a lot of changes happen and I can imagine myself reading through this diary in a few years.
  5. The 52 Lists Project by Moorea Seal. A pretty book I just discovered recently. Such a simple idea and such a beautiful outcome! It’s perfect to star now because every week you’re supposed to write a list to a specific theme. Writing things out and visualising them helps you to get aware of the things you want to focus on. The beautiful design of this book supports you with writing down your list every week.

How about you? How do you motivate yourself and how to do you keep it going? Do you have some book recommendations as well? Let me know in the comments!

My Birthday Wishlist


If I had to choose my favourite day of the year it would probably be my birthday. I love seeing my entire family this day and preparing cakes and other sweets to eat. Having birthday about two weeks after Christmas isn’t that bad – the people are already settling into the new year and there are a lot of sales which means I can get my birthday wishes for less money. I haven’t had a Christmas wishlist last year so now I’m showing you little bits and pieces I’ve discovered in the last months which I’d love to own.

  1. I love to paint and I’d like to learn calligraphy with a brush. I’ve always used the watercolour in my painting pots but you should see how much paint I’ve only used for calligraphy! Recently I’ve discoverd liquid watercolour from Ecoline. I already own a black one so more colours would be amazing to work with!
  2. In December I had a Kiehl’s Advent Calendar and there I discovered Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about this. I have to admit, it’s pretty good.
  3. For my birthday last year I got a susbscription to one of my favourite authors. This year I’d love to continue reading the Donna Hay Magazine. Awesome photography and awesome recipes!
  4. I own a small Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and I have a few original Polaroids in my camera collection. I’ve thought a long time about this upgrade because I already had my Mini 8. This summer while travelling through China I wish I had a Fujifilm Instax 210 to caputure the stunning scenery.
  5. Something you can never get enough are notebooks. I always was the person who wouldn’t start a notebook because I was afraid of ruining it. Within the last two years I’ve learned to note all my ideas. I stumbled over these pretty notebooks from Rifle Paper.
  6. Since discovering calligraphy I wanted an easier method than paint and brush. While reading and watching tutorials with pens, I noticed that the Copic Sketch and Tombow Dual Brush Pen are really popular. I got a black Tombow pen and instantly fell in love with it. I’m about to collect more colourful pens to do awesome artwork.
  7. I’ve followed Estée Lalonde for a few years now and she’s such an inspiration! Recently she mentioned the Chanel lipstick in BOY – a stunning daytime colour in my opinion. It’s such a classic colour and it will complement each skin tone!
  8. While in Stuttgart I visited the Fluxus Temporary Concept Mall. So many inspiring stores gathered in one place, you coudn’t ask for more! In one of the tiny stores I saw the Recipe Box from Rifle Paper. As you know, I want to discover and create some new healthy recipes this year and this would be an awesome helper for me!


Hello 2016!


Wow, I can’t remember another year which flew by like 2015! But now we have a new year, a new book, page 1 of 366. Let’s make it count!

Let’s be real – sticking to your New Years resolution is really hard and I’ve never been a person who wrote resolutions. I can’t imagine how it’s possible to change from one day to another. But I do believe you can enhance things you’re already doing.

2015 was the year I paused my blogging because I was hung up on perfection with photography which lead to no blogging at all. You can’t be perfect from the start and everything is a learning process. Trying new things will show you what you want. Let’s try photography!

Adventure. 2015 was filled with adventures such as Milan, the Netherlands and China. Looking back now they seem so far away. I want to capture more and let’s see what 2016 brings!

I believe that eating the right food will influence you positively. No, I’m not planning to become vegetarian or vegan. I want to learn more about or fuel and how of bodies work. Eating right and exploring more food is something I’ll definetly do this year!

Which strengths do you want to enhance and how are you going to reach your goals?

Let 2016 be awesome!


DIY Advent Calendar


One of the sweetest things to do in December is to make an advent calendar for your loved ones. Sometimes it can be hard to come with new ideas every year so I decided to make a reusable calendar. I often struggle where I should begin so here’s an idea for you.

What you will need:

  • a sewing machine
  • 150 x 60 cm cloth (I bought mine from Ikea)
  • 15 m gift ribbon
  • 25 small gifts
  • craft paper
  • a black pen
  • scissors
  • decorations such as fir branches and christmas bulbs

Turn your cloth around and fold it in half and mark rectangles with the measurements of 10,5 to 16 cm. Secure the edges of the rectangles with safety pins. Now you can sew both long sides: leave a margin of about 0,6 cm. Your small bag should have one open side. Now you can turn it around and if you want you can iron it.
Now you’re about to fill you advent calendar. I bought some big packs of sweets to divide them into the bags. But also small handcreams or a travel size shampoo are very useful. If you want to surprise your sister of girlfriend your could also put a lipsitck in it. A option for children is to buy a set of Lego and divide them into several bags. I made three advent calendars and the filling for each person was about 20 bucks.

Now you can draw small numbers onto your craft paper and cut them out. Make a little hole on the top – that’s where you can attach it to the gift ribbon. Tie your gift ribbon aroud your bag and make a pretty looking bow. Now measure how long this ribbon is and cut 25 pieces of the same lenght. You can push some fir branches into the ribbon as decoration.

You can decide if you’d like to hang up your calendar or lie it onto a table. It will be a lovely advent gift for sure!


Camping And Adventures


Are you an adventurer like me? Well if you aren’t, I recommend you to change up your mind and keep on reading (and you adventurers out there keep on reading was well)!

It might take some courage to pack your backpack with clothes for a week and a tent. In my case it’s always like this. You know that there’ll be a week with limited internet access, no luxury and just simple living. I’ve been camping that often until now that I really enjoy it – The only thing that sucks in my case is that I won’t see my boyfriend for one week, but I hope that we’ll go on a road trip in the future 🙂

So and now to you beautiful people out there, you’re asking yourself: Why the hell should I freeze off my a** for a whole week in a tent?!


I Love Music – My Summer Playlist


Are you are music addict like me? From your group of friends are you the one who will always sing around? Well in my case I love discovering new music and I’d like to share with you some new songs I found. Summer is a good opportunity to listen loud to music or even sing with your friends at the campfire. There’s one thing about the titles I choose to listen during summer. They always lift my mood and I feel like a surfer. And I have to admit that I’m listening to this music also in winter 🙂 So plug in you earphones when you’re on the train to your destination or plug it to your loudspeakers while your friends are coming over to your house. Live and love this summer and take new adventures! If you have Spotify, you can follow my Spotify playlist. Otherwise I have all the songs linked you YouTube videos where you can enjoy my summer playlist.

1. Ain’t Got a Care in the World – Fourth & Coast  //  2. Should’ve Gone to Bed – Plain White T’s  //  3. Wasted – Tiesto, Matthew Koma  //  4. She Looks So Perfect – 5 Seconds Of Summer  //  5. Happy – Pharrell Williams  //  6. Classic – MKTO  //  7. It Girl – Pharrell Williams  //  8. My Love – Route 94, Jess Glynne  //  9. Girls – The 1975  //  10. Was It Something I Said? – Brandon Flowers  //  11. Hunter – Pharrell Williams  //  12. When A Fire Starts To Burn – Disclosure  //  13. Lay Me Down – Avicii  // 14. Stimulation – Disclosure  //  15. Skip To The Good Bit – Rizzle Kicks  //  16. Pompeii – Bastille  //  17. Best Day Of My Life – American Authors  //  18. I Love You More Than You Think – Rizzle Kicks  //  19. There With You – The Decoration  //  20. One Night of You – We Are the Strike  //  21. Somethingood – Chromeo  //  22. White Lie – Jhameel  //  23. Girls Chase Boys – Ingrid Michaelson  //  24. Boom Clap – Charli XCX  //  25. Sunshine – Tigerweather  //  26. Rooftops – Kris Allen  //  27. Keep Calm Carry On – Rob Glies  //  28. Don’t Kill the Magic – Magic!  //  29. Night Like This – Letters and Lights