My Week 25/16: Art Basel, Last Exams

Long time no see! Wow, University has been so intense after the last few months! I have one exam left an then it’s time for summer – YAY!

I’d like to introduce a new category to my blog called “My Week”. I was thinking about how to remember all the awesome things I experience and since I’m not the person to write an everyday diary and since I love to take pictures I thought this would be the best way to do it. I’m still experimenting so let’s see if I can continue with this!

What was on my desk: Since I’m approaching my last exams I didn’t see anything else than my desk for a month, I decided to go to Art Basel with a friend. The exhibition was huge! I took loads of pictures and last week I went through them all to pick out my favourites.

What I ate: A lot of burgers! I think I had enough burgers for my lifetime. But if you’re watching the Euro 2016 I can’t think of a meal which fits better. I had a blast with my friends watching the Germany match last week. Unfortunately Switzerland lost yesterday but now I still have Germany to go for.

What is planned: I have my last exam next week. After that I’m preparing my summer break. I still have some DIY’s to finish so I’d like to catch up on that.

Discovery of the week: Looking back I realise I was listening to the same music over and over. A friend of mine showed me this song last week and I’m kind of obsessed with it. I might have to create a summer playlist.


Valentine’s Day

Hi there!
I hope you’re all enjoyed the weekend and had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It was the first ever Valentine’s Day where I had a Valentine and he surprised me with a wonderful rose. Every girl loves roses. And balloons if you’re like me 😉
After I got home from school I made some macaroons for my sweetheart and brought him them later the afternoon. We had a really comfy evening and watched a non-valentines movie: 21 Jump Street. I can really recommend you this movie and I can’t wait to see 22 Jump Street this summer!


Chinese Dancing


Two weeks ago I took part at a Chinese New Year event.

With the dancing club from my mum we performed two dances and it was insane to have such a huge audience. It was like in a different world when we changed into our costumes and prepared us for the show. I love the excitement before a performance. (more…)

MUN – Model United Nations

MUN Grimassen

Model United Nations or in short MUN is an event which I attended this week on Monday and Tuesday.
The whole thing about it is that you play a role play. You and a friend represent a delegation, in my case it was Indonesia. In this delegation you had to find solutions about problems in our world – just like the UNO in real life. Our theme was the FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization. (more…)

Poetry Slam


On Friday Sebastian and me had a little adventure in the city. We went to a Poetry Slam event but let’s start before that. In the afternoon we got on the train with our skateboards. Our aim was to skate to an antiques shop, then to the book store and finally to the location of the Poetry Slam. (more…)

Everything New

Hi there!

I haven been blogging that much lately… But yeah, new year, new me or something like that 😉 No not really, I had to take a break from blogging and let go of the past – but now I’m here again!

I’ll take this new year as a new chance and my head is filled with inspiration! My blog design is also going to change a bit, just to get a new space to post new things.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and see you soon my friends! 😀