Lovely Shop In Venice – I Tre Mercanti


I was strolling through the streets of Venice when suddenly someone said hello to me. I turned my head around and realised there was a man who held me the door open to his shop. He was really friendly and showed Sebastian and me the shop and one thing I really liked about it was their shop window where they prepared delicious tiramisu. I walked around the shop and fell in love with all those lovely packaging and all the traditional Italian food. They have a huge wine collection as well, so I’m sure if you’re a wine lover you’ll find a treasure there. We wanted to buy something typical Italian and so we ended up with lasagna ingredients and a pack of risotto in our basket. Keep your eyes open for a risotto recipe soon on this blog. And if you’re in Venice don’t forget to head over to “I Tre Mercanti”!


Fig Porridge


After a couple of afternoons where the sun disappeared and there was only rain, rain and guess what: rain. That’s when I realised that it’s autumn, but don’t be afraid, the rest of my Venice posts are still coming up. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day I decided to give healthy porridge a try. And to spice it up I used fresh fruits (healthy again 😉 ). It’s super simple to make it for yourself and takes only ten minutes. This recipe is made for two portions – Invite someone to join you on your healthy journey!  (more…)

Ice Cream And Sweets In Venice


Holidays without sweets wouldn’t be holidays, isn’t it? 😉 If you’re travelling to a new place I like to treat myself and as Italy is famous for their ice cream. I went on the look for cool stores… And I found them! After I ate this yummy ice cream I really wanted to make some myself, especially the Fior di Latte flavour because I don’t often get to eat them in Switzerland. Enough talking – here are the sweetest stores of Venice! (more…)

Hello Venice!


Hey you guys out there – I’m hoping you’ve all enjoyed your summer holidays!

In the beginning of August Sebastian and me headed to Venice for a week-end and the only thing I have to say is STUNNING. When we arrived I felt like in a fairy tale; all those little bridges and cute buildings – lovely. I just fell in love with this city. As we are adventurers, we decided to walk through the city after our check in the Hotel Gabrielli. We were able to find yummy food stores and nice hand crafted stores. We visited the famous places such as the Rialto Bridge and Piazza di San Marco. But you can read about these famous places in every travel guide. Because of that, I’d love to show you some unknown restaurants, shops and gelaterias in the next posts. For today I’m going to show you a travel photo diary of the beautiful city Venice. (more…)

Sweet Berry Pizza


Although it’s autumn soon it doesn’t feel like a fault if I’m posting a summer recipe. I just love different cultures and travelling. When I was in Italy this summer I really wanted to eat pizza and I did it! But why don’t try something new? Why don’t mix the things I love? And since summer is soon over you maybe don’t want to serve ice cream anymore. This pizza will be a super surprise for sure!


I Want More S’mores!


Something I’ve discovered recently are S’mores. They are a typical american dessert made of crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. While we were camping I took the opportunity to try they them out and I was blown away. I know some of you might don’t like the consistency of marshmallows but in my opinion this disappears if you make S’mores. It’s also perfect to take with you while you’re hiking because it doesn’t take much space.  (more…)

Chocolate Bananas


An absolute favourite of mine is making chocolate bananas while we’re camping. It’s also a childhood memory of mine because it reminds me of the sunny afternoons where we made a school trip into the forest. I’m sure that your guests will love this dessert and it’s perfect to make when your campfire is slowly burning down and you have a talk with the people around you. Another plus is that it’s super simple to make.